"The rules are in my head." - Rei Kawakubo

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I found this discussion on my Facebook feed earlier this evening and decided to post here for further conversation. I’m interested in what you think of this sort of public shaming of other designers via social media (predominately Facebook, where conversations quickly turn into arguments and long-winded avoidances). Despite it’s niches of commercial, studio, personal, etc., the design community, designers should be a constantly be pushing towards creating a community of constructive feedback rather than one of autocannibalism. Critique is great, but not when solely based on personal preference.

I’ve debated about posting this conversion, and still feel as if I’m trying to collect my thoughts on the post, but the individual, and former schoolmate, repeatedly publishes condescending opinions towards design(ers) that do not align within his view of beautiful, good, or useful design.

I hope this become a conversation about the design community and the use of social media to further(for better or for worse) that community, as well as the acceptance and opposition to experimental/artistic/ugly/anti design.

I’ve refrained from censoring the names of individuals and institutions in this conversation, as we all know that’s a lot of marque and blurring.

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